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Alireza Rahimi

Alireza Rahimi , PhD

Associate Professor

School :

School of Management and Medical Information Sciences

Department :

Department of Management and Health Information Technology

Research Center :

Health Information Research Center

work address :

Education :

University of New South Wales: Sydney, NSW 2010-03-01 to 2014-12-31 | PhD (Faculty of medicine) Education

Relevant Work Experience :

Dr. Alireza Rahimi is an assistant professor and medical informatics specialist at Isfahan University of Medical Sciences in Iran. He earned his Ph.D. program in health and medical informatics studies from University of New South Wales, Australia where he received the outstanding doctoral thesis award for his research on developing and testing an ontologically based algorithm to accurately identify patients with Type 2 diabetes mellitus. Also, he founded the Health Information Technology Research Center at Isfahan University of Medical Sciences in Iran. His research interests include data quality in hospital information systems, design ontological based approaches, IT human resource management, information organization, and automated library software. Currently, he tries to found Clinical Informationist Assistant Research Group (CILA) at Isfahan University of Medical Sciences in Iran.  As a medical informatics expert and clinical informationist, Dr. Rahimi has focused on the developing local (Iranian) evidence-based medicine databases to help clinical research and education process in Iranian clinical and health care context.  He also focuses on the preparation of a clinical informationist assistance educational package. Since 2014, his CILA research team includes some specialists (gastroenterologists and cardiologists), medical informaticists and computer eng. have many projects on the various dimensions of clinical informationists assistances roles. So, he interests develop this project as an international collaboration work.

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Research Experience :

Research Interests :

1. Deployment and Implementation of Iranian Clinical Case Reports  Database 2. Development of the clinical informationist assistance educational package  

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