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Amrollah Ebrahimi , PhD

Associate Professor

School :

School of Medicine

Department :

Department of Psychiatry

Research Center :

Psychosomatic Research Center

work address :

Psychosomatic Research Center,Shariati avenue, Isfahan, Iran

Education :

  PhD Psychology(clinical oriented) 2003 to 2008     Isfahan University   Postgraduate Degree 1989-1992               Iran University of Medical  Sciences and  Health Services                                                           MSc in Clinical Psychology                                      Undergraduate Degree 1983 – 1987                  Isfahn University                                                           BS in Clinical Psychology and postdoctoral in psychosomatic Medicin a joint program of Isfahan University of Medical Sciences.Isfahan, Iran    and psychosomatic Department,Freiburg University, Medical Center                              

Relevant Work Experience :

Amrollah Ebrahimi received the B.Sc. degree in clinical psychology from Isfahan University, Isfahan, Iran, in 1987, and the clinical psychology from Iran University of Medical   .       .                                                          Sciences in 1992 Tehran, Iran and Ph.D. degrees in psychology in 2008 from Isfahan with the highest honors.and postdoctoral in psychosomatic Medicine: a joint program from psychosomatic Research Center(Isfahan University of Medical Sciences ) and psychosomatic Department, Freiburg University, Medical Center. He is now associate Professor in psychiatry and Psychosomatic Research Center &Behavioral Sciences Research Center, Isfahan University of Medical Sciences, Isfahan, Iran. His main research interests are psychometry, psychosomatic medicine, health psychology cognitive behavior therapy, which more than 70papers and book chapters have been published by him as an author or co-author in these areas. 

Professional Memberships & Qualification :

Extra Curricular Activities/ Interest(personal url) :

Grants & Awards :

Dialogues on Disability and Inclusion between Isfahan and Hamburg, Project application within the DAAD program, supported by DAAD

Patents :

Presentations & Poster Sessions :

Research Experience :

Research Interests :

1.Dialogues on Disability and Inclusion between Isfahan and Hamburg,  Project application within the DAAD program, supported by DAAD 2.A cross-cultural study: preparation, development and determine the psychometric properties  of pakage of psychosomatic symptoms scales  and the prevalence of psychosomatic disorders in samples of patients with mood and anxiety disorders, students and the general population of Iran and Germany sampels ( A Research Map)

Teaching Experience :

Teaching Interests :