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Farshad Gholipour , MD

Assistant Professor

  • Phone: 00989141286327
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  • Date of birth :
  • CV: profile mui cv.pdf

School :

School of Medicine

Department :

Department of Urology

Research Center :

Isfahan Kidney Disease Research Center

work address :

Al-Zahra Hospital, Soffeh Boulevard, Isfahan University of Medical Sciences, Isfahan, Iran

Education :

2007-2015: Degree of medicine from Tehran University of Medical Sciences (TUMS) 2016-2020: Degree of urology from Isfahan University of Medical Sciences (MUI)

Relevant Work Experience :

In 2020, Farshad Gholipour received his degree in urology from Isfahan University of Medical Sciences (MUI). He won first place in the national specialized board exam and became an assistant professor of urology at MUI thereafter. In 2021, he formed a urology research team with interested medical students. Field of interest and clinical activities: Research in urology Research education Urolithiasis Urodynamics Field of Interest in Medical education: Urologic emergencies Urolithiasis Urodynamics Research education

Professional Memberships & Qualification :

Member of National Elite Foundation.

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Teaching Experience :

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