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Mahboobeh Namnabati , PhD

Associate Professor

School :

School of Nursing and Midwifery

Department :

Department of Pediatric and Neonatal Nursing

Research Center :

Nursing and Midwifery Care Research Center, Faculty of Nursing and Midwifery, Isfahan University of Medical Sciences, Isfahan, Iran

work address :

HezarJerib St. Isfahan. iran

Education :

 i am a pediatric nurse and MSN  was acchived in the health of mother and child.  I work and teach  neonate  and pediatric subjects to BS. MSN  and Ph D student. nurse and graduated  from Iran University of Medical Sciences. Ph D  g MedTabriz university of medical sciences, Faculty of nursing&midwifery Ph.D. 3/2009 01/2013 Philosophy in Nursing Iran university of medical sciences, Faculty of nursing&mid  Iran university of medical sciences, Faculty of nursing&midwifery wifery M.Sc. 11/1992 6/1995 Family and pediatric nursing   B.S 09/1986 09/1990 Nursing  

Relevant Work Experience :

  I am accademic member in  the Pediatric and infant  Department,Nursing and Midwifery Faculty, Isfahan University of medical sciences,  I focuse on takeing care of childern and infant with a s well as research and education. E-mail:  Homepage: http://

Professional Memberships & Qualification :

2014  The best researcher in nursing and Midwifery faculty of nursing and midwifery 2015 award in Motahari Festival 2016 award in Motahari Festival 2020 award in Covid 19 in Hot line Center

Extra Curricular Activities/ Interest(personal url) :

Grants & Awards :

394172: Mothers' challenges after infants' discharge from neonatal intensive care unit: A qualitative study 39746227:The Effect of Motivational System on the Reporting Rate of Medication Errors in Pediatric Wards 396751:Effect of Video Feedback on Adherence to Intravenous Insertion Standards in Nurses of Neonatal Intensive Care Unit 396557: The Effect of Nurse Accompaniment on the Mood Status of Mothers after the Transition of Preterm Infants to Home 397564:The effects of a three-component educational, supportive, and follow-up program on care burden among the parents of infants with infantile colic: a clinical trial study

Patents :

Presentations & Poster Sessions :

1--Mothers' challenges after infants' discharge from neonatal intensive care unit: A qualitative study Hemati, Z., Namnabati, M., Taleghani, F., Sadeghnia, A. Article 2---Theory of infants' transition management from the neonatal intensive care unit to home: A qualitative study 3---Namnabati, M., Zamanzadeh, V., Valizadeh, L., Tazakori, Z., Nyqvist, K.H. International Journal of Pediatrics, 2017, 5(1), pp. 4151-4162   -4--Challenges for infants' home care: A qualitative study Hemati, Z., Namnabati, M., Taleghani, F. International Journal of Pediatrics, 2016, 4(6), pp. 1885-1894  

Research Experience :

1. L Valizadeh, N Ajoodaniyan, M Namnabati, V Zamanzadeh.Nurses' viewpoint about the impact of Kangaroo Mother Care on the mother–infant attachment Journal of Neonatal Nursing 19 (1), 38-43, 2013   2013 2.A Alavi, Z Abdyzdan, M Namnabati.The comparison of distraction and EMLA Cream effects on pain intensity due to intravenus Catheters in 5-12 years old thalassemic children Journal of Shahrekord Uuniversity of Medical Sciences 7, 2005   2005 3. M Namnabati, EF Azar, S Valizadeh, Z Tazakori.Lecturing or Problem-based Learning: Comparing Effects of the Two Teaching Methods in Academic Achievement and Knowledge Retention in Pediatrics Course fo..Iranian Journal of Medical Education 10 (4), 2011   2011 4.M Namnabati, P Abazari, S Talakoub.Identification of perceived barriers of pain management in Iranian children: A qualitative study International journal of nursing practice 18 (3), 221-225, 2012   2012 5.Z Ghazavi, M Namnabati, J Faghihinia, M Mirbod, P Ghalriz, A Nekuie Effects of massage therapy of asthmatic children on the anxiety level of mothers,.Iranian journal of nursing and midwifery research 15 (3), 130, 2010   2010 6. V Zamanzadeh, M Namnabati, L Valizadeh, Z Badiee.Mothers' Experiences of Infants Discharge in Iranian NICU Culture: A Qualitative Study.Advances in Neonatal Care 13 (4), E1-E7, 2013   2013 7. F Soroush, A Zargham-Boroujeni, M Namnabati.The relationship between nurses’ clinical competence and burnout in neonatal intensive care units.Iranian journal of nursing and midwifery research 21 (4), 424, 2016   2016 8. A Alavi, A Zargham, Z Abd Yazdan, M Namnabati. Comparison of Distraction effects and cream (EMLA) on pain intensity catheter insertion in children 12-5 thalassemia. Journal of Shahrekord University of Medical Sciences 7 (3), 9-15, 2005   2005 9. M Namnabati, S Talakoub, M Mohammadizadeh, F Mousaviasl The implementation of kangaroo mother care and nurses’ perspective of barriers in Iranian’NICUs Iranian journal of nursing and midwifery research 21 (1), 84, 2016   2016 10. L Valizadeh, M Namnabati, V Zamanzadeh, Z Badiee Factors affecting infant's transition from neonatal intensive care unit to home: A qualitative study.Iranian journal of nursing and midwifery research 18 (1), 71, 2013   2013 11. A Alavi, M Namnabati, Z Abdeyzadeh, N Parvin, N Akbari, V Samipoor Pediatric pain management by nurses in educational hospitals of Shahrekord in 12006 , ... Journal of Shahrekord Uuniversity of Medical Sciences 10, 2008   2008 12. M Bahrami, M Namnabati, F Mokarian, P Oujian, P Arbon Information-sharing challenges between adolescents with cancer, their parents and health care providers: a qualitative study.Supportive Care in Cancer 25 (5), 1587-1596, 2017   2017 13. M Abdoulahi, FS Mousavi Asl, M Delaram, M Namnabati Association of Using Oxytocin during Labor and Breastfeeding Behaviors of Infants within Two Hours after Birth   Iranian Journal of Neonatology IJN 8 (3), 48-52, 2017   2017 14. Z Mohamadamini, M Namnabati, M Marofi, B Barekatein Four components of pain management in Iranian neonatal Intensive Care Units: The nurses' and physicians' viewpoint.Journal of education and health promotion 6, 64-64, 2017   2017 15. M Namnabati, V Zamanzadeh, LV Valizadeh, KH Nyqvist Theory of Infants' Transition Management from the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit to Home: a Qualitative Study.International Journal of Pediatrics 5 (1), 4151-4162, 2017   2017     2014 16. V Zamanzadeh, M Namnabati, L Valizadeh, Z Badiee.Professional’s Efforts to Simultaneously Discharge Infants and Mother from Neonatal Intensive Care Unit in Iran: A Qualitative Study.Journal of caring sciences 2 (1), 39, 2013   2013 17.Abdollahi hemati. M Namnabati.Association between newborns' breastfeeding behaviors in the first two hours after birth and drugs used for their mothers in labor, in Isfahan 2016 Iranian Journal of Child Neurology 12 (2), 33-40, 2018   2018 18.M Namnabati, F Taleghani, A Sadeghnia.Home-based Care Needs of Preterm Infants Discharged Early from the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit: A Descriptive Qualitative Study Iranian Journal of Neonatology IJN 8 (4), 74-82, 2017   2017 19. M Namnabati, F Taleghani.Nursing Satisfaction with Medication Care by Using Neonatal Electronic Medication Management Systems.Iranian Journal of Neonatology IJN 8 (4), 43-56, 2017   2017     Poster/oral  presentations   Feb2003          Bangkok-Thiland      Impact of issues on women and children            The mother’s knowledge of Psychologcal needs    Namnabati, akbar sharifi            1 Jun2004          Sydney-Australia      6th Symposium on Pediateic           The effect of distraction on the intensity….      Namnabati M 2 Sep2005          Barcllona- Spain       3th congerss of pain  The corolation between characteristic … Namnabati   Sep2007 Rhodes-Greece       ISOBM           The assessment physical’s need            Namnabati, Akbarsharifi     2008 Budapest Hungary      WIP    Nurses’ Experience on pain management…Namnabati, Abazari Sep-2010 Glasscow-England           IASP   Barreers in pain management in children          Namnabati, Abazari Namnabati, mahboobeh      7 -2013       The NIDCAP Federation International UNICEF and MOHEM Of IR Iran           Neurodevelopment and care of preterm infants. Namnabati        8-2014      The first international Nursing & Midwifery Congress on Health and Wellbeing             Towards Infants`Health Promotion through Mother_Ifant Rebonding.د            Namnabati zamanzadeh-.   9- 2016            NWC.Help Parents and Use Suitable Plane for dischargeing of Preterm  infants. Namnabati- Amirani 10- 2016.         World Congress Pharmaceutcs&Drug Delivery Systems- Dubai  Saftey in drug Delivery with Elctronic Medication Information Management Systems                                   Varzeshnegad-Namnabati- Taleghani    

Research Interests :

Pain- infant and pediatric Pain in Children, Pediatrics .and infant nursing care, Breastfeeding in infants and education in nursing  

Teaching Experience :

Teaching Interests :