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Malek Fereidooni-Moghadam , PhD

Associate Professor

School :

School of Nursing and Midwifery

Department :

Department of Psychiatric Nursing

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Education :

BS in Nursing MS in Psychiatric Nursing PhD in Nursing

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Malek Fereidooni-Moghadam, Associate Professor in nursing education at Isfahan University of Medical Sciences,  Tel-Fax: 0098-31-37927586 E-mail 1: (checked daily for friends and my colleagous) E-mail 2:

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Research Experience :

Cheraghian, B., Fereidooni-Moghadam, M., Babadi, H., Dashtbozorgi, B. Psychological and Personality Characteristics of Applicants for Facial Cosmetic Surgery (2020) . Hajisabbagh, N., Fereidooni-Moghadam, M., Masoudi, R., Etemadifar, M. The effect of an emotional intelligence component program on happiness in patients with epilepsy (2020) . Ghelich-Khani, S., Kazemi, A., Fereidooni-Moghadam, M., Alavi, M. A mental health program for infertile couples undergoing oocyte donation: Protocol for a mixed methods study (2020) . Aemmi, S.Z., Mohammadi, E., Heidarian-Miri, H., Fereidooni-Moghadam, M., Boostani, H., Zarea, K. The effectiveness of bright light exposure in shift-worker nurses: A systematic review and meta-analysis (2020) . Asadi, P., Fereidooni-Moghadam, M., Dashtbozorgi, B., Masoudi, R. Correction to: Relationship Between Care Burden and Religious Beliefs Among Family Caregivers of Mentally Ill Patients (Journal of Religion and Health, (2019), 58, 4, (1125-1134), 10.1007/s10943-018-0660-9) (2019) . Asadi, P., Fereidooni-Moghadam, M., Dashtbozorgi, B., Masoudi, R. Relationship Between Care Burden and Religious Beliefs Among Family Caregivers of Mentally Ill Patients (2019) . Hajisabbagh, N., Fereidooni-Moghadam, M., Etemadifar, M. Coping strategies and their relationship with emotional intelligence in patients with epilepsy referred to Isfahan Epilepsy Society in 2017 (2019) . Sedaghat, S., Rostami, S., Ebadi, A., Fereidooni-Moghadam, M. Stressors in open-heart surgery patients: A qualitative study (2019) . Moghaddasifar, I., Fereidooni-Moghadam, M., Fakharzadeh, L., Haghighi-Zadeh, M.H. Investigating the effect of multisensory stimulation on depression and anxiety of the elderly nursing home residents: A randomized controlled trial (2019) . Babadi, H., Fereidooni-Moghadam, M., Dashtbozorgi, B., Cheraghian, B. Investigating Psychosocial Causes of the Tendency for Facial Cosmetic Surgery (2018) . Salehitali, S., Ahmadi, F., Hasanpour Dehkordi, A., Noorian, K., Fereidooni-Moghadam, M., Zarea, K. Progressive exhaustion: A qualitative study on the experiences of Iranian family caregivers regarding patients undergoing hemodialysis (2018) . Zarea, K., Fereidooni-Moghadam, M., Baraz, S., Tahery, N. Challenges Encountered by Nurses Working in Acute Psychiatric Wards: A Qualitative Study in Iran (2018) . Karampour, S., Fereidooni-Moghadam, M., Zarea, K., Cheraghian, B. The prevalence of death anxiety among patients with breast cancer (2018) . Salehi-tali, S., Ahmadi, F., Zarea, K., Fereidooni-Moghadam, M. Commitment to care: the most important coping strategies among family caregivers of patients undergoing haemodialysis (2018) . Zarea, K., Fereidooni-Moghadam, M., Hakim, A. Adherence to Medication Regimen in Patients with Severe and Chronic Psychiatric Disorders: A Qualitative Study (2016) . Pazargadi, M., Fereidooni Moghadam, M., Fallahi Khoshknab, M., Alijani Renani, H., Molazem, Z. The Therapeutic Relationship in the Shadow: Nurses Experiences of Barriers to the Nurse-Patient Relationship in the Psychiatric Ward (2015) . Moghadam, M.F., Pazargadi, M., Khoshknab, M.F. Iranian nurses' experiences of aggression in psychiatric wards: A qualitative study (2013) .

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