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Hamed Fouladseresht , PhD

Assistant Professor

School :

School of Medicine

Department :

Department of Immunology

Research Center :


work address :

Department of Immunology, School of Medicine, Isfahan University of Medical Sciences, Hezar Jarib Ave, Zip Code 81746-73461, Isfahan, Iran.

Education :

Ph.D. in Immunology, Shiraz University of Medical Sciences, Shiraz, Iran (2015-2019). M.Sc. in Immunology, Kerman University of Medical Sciences, Kerman, Iran (2011-2014). B.Sc. in Cellular and Molecular Biology, Microbiology, Islamic Azad University of Medical Science, Tehran, Iran (2006-2010).

Relevant Work Experience :

I joined the Medical University of Isfahan on February 14, 2021, and worked as an assistant professor in the immunology department. During this period, I have conducted research on various mechanisms of immunology, especially in the field of COVID-19. My interest is in immunotherapy of infectious diseases, epitope-based vaccines, HLA typing, and transplantation.

Professional Memberships & Qualification :

1st rank in Ph.D. program in Immunology. Shiraz University of Medical Sciences, School of Medicine, Shiraz, Iran (2019). 1st rank in M.Sc. program in Immunology. Kerman University of Medical Sciences, School of Medicine, Kerman, Iran (2014).

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Presentations & Poster Sessions :

Research Experience :

/Tahamoli-Roudsari A, Tabatabaei R, Alvandpur N, Basiri Z, Behzad M, Rezaeepoor M, Abdolmaleki M, Fouladseresht H, Roshanaei G, Hajilooi M, Solgi G. Peripheral distributions of IL-4-producing CD4 + T cells and CD4 + CD25 + FoxP3 + T cells (Tregs) in rheumatoid arthritis patients with poor response to therapy are associated with HLA shared epitope alleles and ACPA status. Immunol Res. 2022 Aug;70(4):481-492./Rayati Damavandi A, Zolfaghari Baghbadorani P, Kardideh B, Fouladseresht H, Golabi M, Ghezelbash B, Andalib S, Eskandari N, Mirniam SM, Fathi F. The Association of Programmed Death 1 Gene Polymorphisms of PD1.3 G/A and PD1.5 C/T with Risk of COVID-19 in an Iranian Population: A Case-Control Study. Viral Immunol. 2022 May 5. /Fouladseresht H, Ghamar Talepoor A, Eskandari N, Norouzian M, Ghezelbash B, Beyranvand MR, Nejadghaderi SA, Carson-Chahhoud K, Kolahi AA, Safiri S. Potential Immune Indicators for Predicting the Prognosis of COVID-19 and Trauma: Similarities and Disparities. Front Immunol. 2022 Jan 20;12:785946. /Fouladseresht H, Bolandparvaz S, Abbasi H, Abdolrahimzadeh Fard H, Paydar S. The Neutrophil-to-Lymphocyte Ratio at the Time of Admission: A New Prognostic Indicator for Hospital Mortality of Trauma Patients. Iran J Allergy Asthma Immunol. 20(1):33-45./Fouladseresht H, Doroudchi M, Rokhtabnak N, Abdolrahimzadehfard H, Roudgari A, Sabetian G, Paydar S. Predictive monitoring and therapeutic immune biomarkers in the management of clinical complications of COVID-19. Cytokine Growth Factor Rev. 2020 Oct 9:S1359-6101(20)30216-1./Monjezi MR, Fouladseresht H, Farjadian S, Gharesi-Fard B, Khosropanah S, Doroudchi M. T Cell Proliferative Responses and IgG Antibodies to β2GPI in Patients with Diabetes and Atherosclerosis. Endocr Metab Immune Disord Drug Targets. 2021;21(3):495-503./Hamed Fouladseresht, Atefe Ghamar Talepoor, Shirin Farjadian, Shahdad Khosropanah, Mehrnoosh Doroudchi. Anti-VZV IgG antibody and hsCRP levels correlate with progression of coronary artery atherosclerosis. IJAAI. Oct 2019. 18(5):543-553./Talepoor AG, Fouladseresht H, Khosropanah S, Doroudchi M. Immune-Inflammation in Atherosclerosis: A New Twist in an Old Tale. Endocr Metab Immune Disord Drug Targets. 2020;20(4):525-545./Fouladseresht H, Safa A, Khosropanah S, Doroudchi M. Increased frequency of HLA-A*02 in patients with atherosclerosis is associated with VZV seropositivity. Arch Physiol Biochem. 2019 Jul 15:1-8./Fouladseresht H, Khazaee S, Javad Zibaeenezhad M, Hossein Nikoo M, Khosropanah S, Doroudchi M. Association of ABCA1 Haplotypes with Coronary Artery Disease. Lab Med. 2020 Mar 10;51(2):157-168./Fouladseresht H, Ziaee SM, Erfani N, Doroudchi M. Serum Levels of APRIL Increase in Patients with Glioma, Meningioma and Schwannoma. Asian Pac J Cancer Prev. 2019 Mar 26;20(3):751-756./Fouladseresht H, Ghorbani M, Hassanipour S, Delam H, Mokhtari A, Mohseni S, et al. the incidence of non-hodgkin lymphoma in Iran: a systematic review and meta-analysis. World Cancer Research Journal. 2019; 6./Pourzargham P, Azadi M, Ataollahi M, Fouladseresht H, Khosropanah S, Doroudchi M. Association of anteroseptal hypokinesia after myocardial infarction with LDLR variation: A cross-sectional case-control study. Journal of Experimental and Clinical Medicine. 2020; 37(3): 87-95./Hassanipour S, Delam H, Fathalipour M, Sharifi M, Abdzadeh E, Fouladseresht H, et al. the incidence of bladder cancer in Iran: a systematic review and meta-analysis. WCRJ 2019; 6: e1222./Hassanipour S, Ghorbani M, Derakhshan M, Fouladseresht H, Mohseni S, Abdzadeh E, et al. The incidence of testicular cancer in Iran from 1996 to 2017: A systematic review and meta-analysis. Advances in Human Biology. 2019; 9(1): 16./Jafarzadeh A1,2, Fooladseresht H, Nemati M, Assadollahi Z, Sheikhi A, Ghaderi A. Higher circulating levels of chemokine CXCL10 in patients with breast cancer: Evaluation of the influences of tumor stage and chemokine gene polymorphism. Cancer Biomark. 2016 Mar 11;16(4):545-54./Jafarzadeh A, Fooladseresht H, Minaee K, Bazrafshani MR, Khosravimashizi A, Nemati M, Mohammadizadeh M, Mohammadi MM, Ghaderi A. Higher circulating levels of chemokine CCL22 in patients with breast cancer: evaluation of the influences of tumor stage and chemokine gene polymorphism Tumour Biol. 2015 Feb;36(2):1163-71./Fouladseresht H, Safiri S, Moqaddasi M, Razeghi MS, Bazargan N. [Prevalence of food and airborne allergens in allergic patients in Kerman]. J Kermanshah Univ Med Sci. 2014; 18(4): 234-41./Sadeghi M, Safiri S, Pirouzi S, Jayasinghe H, Sepidarkish M, Fouladseresht H. Detection and determination of the antibiotic resistance patterns in Pseudomonas aeruginosa strains isolated from clinical specimens in hospitals of Isfahan, Iran, 2012. Scimetr. 2015; 3(1)./

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