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Maryam Monemian, PhD

Assistant Professor

Isfahan University of Medical Sciences

School of Advanced Technologies in Medicine

Department of Bioelectrics and Biomedical Engineering

Research Center: 
Medical Image and Signal Processing



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Dr. Maryam Monemian received her PhD in Electrical Engineering from isfahan university of technology in 2016. She started a post-doc in biomedical engineering with focus on image processing in 2018. She has many conference and journal publications with high quality. She is now a research assistant professor in isfahan university of medical sciences. Her research interests include medical image and signal processing and mathematical modeling of medical images.

Research Interests:

Selected Research Projects:

  • Real time defogging of laparoscopy videos
  • Cyst identification in Optical Coherence Tomography images
  • Red lesion extraction in retinal fundus images
  • Analysis of a new energy-based sensor selection method for cooperative spectrum sensing in cognitive radio networks
  • Optimum sensor selection based on energy constraints in cooperative spectrum sensing for cognitive radio sensor networks
  • Improving the lifetime of multichannel cognitive radio sensor networks via new spectrum sensing method
  • Analysis of A Novel Segmentation Algorithm for Optical Coherence Tomography Images Based on Pixels Intensity Correlations
  • Red-lesion extraction in retinal fundus images by directional intensity changes’ analysis
  • Mathematical analysis of texture indicators for the segmentation of optical coherence tomography images