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Nizal Sarrafzadegan , MD

Full Professor

  • Phone: 0098-31-36115313 ,36115310
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School :

School of Medicine

Department :

Department of Cardiology

Research Center :

Isfahan Cardiovascular Research Center, Cardiovascular Research Institute,

work address :

Cardiovascular Research Institute,
Shahid Rahmani Alley,
Moshtagh 3rd St.

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Dr. Nizal Sarrafzadegan is Professor of Internal Medicine & Cardiology, Isfahan University in Iran and Affiliate Professor of the School of Population and Public Health(SPPH) in the University of British Columbian(UBC) in Vancouver, BC, Canada. She is the founder director of Isfahan Cardiovascular Research Center (ICRI), a WHO collaborating center in the EMR, and the Research Institute that consist of 7 research centers. She started her studies on Cardiovascular Diseases (CVD) prevention, healthy lifestyle promotion and rehabilitation of cardiac patients since 1992 and published more than 450 articles in peer-reviewed journals. She took part in more than 80 international meetings as invited speaker or WHO advisor.
Her academic career combines a clinical background with strong interest in public health and preventive medicine specifically implementation and evaluation. She has numerous multidisciplinary collaborations with investigators at international level, got multiple national and international grants and supervised PhD students at national or international levels. Prof. Sarrafzadegan worked with the WHO on Non-Communicable Disease (NCD) and CVD prevention and management as technical advisor, have strong collaboration with the “World Heart Federation”, the “International Atherosclerosis Society”, the “World Hypertension League”, the “International Council of Cardiovascular Disease Prevention and Rehabilitation”, the “EMRO-NCD alliance” etc. She is a member in the editorial or advisory board of peer-reviewed journals including the Journal of American College of Cardiology, the Nature Reviews Cardiology, International J. of Cardiology among others. She is the founder and head of the “Iranian Heart Foundation”, the “Iranian National Network of CVD Research”, the “The Eastern Mediterranean Network of Heart health” the” Food, Industry and Healthy Community” etc. She has organized many international meetings, some as short-term training courses with WHO support aiming at building capacity in NCD or CVD research, implementation, prevention and control.
Prof. Sarrafzadegan won the 2016 WHO/EMR State of Kuwait award for NCD prevention and control because of her extensive research in cardiovascular disease, and is a member of the “WHO Expert Advisory Panel of NCD management 2016-2020”,”WHO Expert Panel on Developing Hypertension Guidelines”, “WHO Mid Point Evaluation of Global Action Plan of NCD Prevention”, “WHO Collaborative Network on COVID 19”.
She is the principle investigator of the 'Isfahan Healthy Heart Program’, the “Persian Cardiovascular Disease Registry”, National Studies like “Improving Hypertension Control”, the “PCI and CA Angio registry” the “Isfahan Cohort Study”, the Twins Registry and cohort study” ,the “Cancer-CVD risk assessment study” among others. In addition, she is currently working in the fields of “personalized/precision medicine in cardiology”, “Shared aspects of CVD and Cancers”,” Air Pollution and CVD”,” Familial hypercholesterolemia Cohort study” beside teaching a post graduate course on “NCD epidemiology and prevention” in the SPPH in UBC/Canada.

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