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Saeed Kermani

Saeed Kermani , PhD

Full Professor

School :

School of Advanced Technologies in Medicine

Department :

Department of Bioelectrics and Biomedical Engineering

Research Center :

Medical Image and Signal Processing (MISP)

work address :

Department of Bioelectrics and Biomedical Engineering, School of Advanced Technologies in Medicine, Isfahan University of Medical Sciences, Isfahan, Iran

Education :

Relevant Work Experience :

Dr  Saeed Kermani Full Professor of Biomedical Engineering Department of Bioelectrics and Biomedical Engineering, School of Advanced Medical Technology, Isfahan University of Medical Sciences    Saeed Kermani obtained his BS from the Department of Electrical Engineering of Isfahan University of Technology in Isfahan, Iran, 1987, and he received the MS in Bioelectric Engineering from Sharif University of Technology, Tehran, Iran in 1992 and his PhD in Bioelectric Engineering at Amirkabir University of Technology, Tehran, Iran, in 2008.  He is full professor of medical engineering at the Department of Bioelectric in advance medical technology of Isfahan University of Medical Sciences, Iran. His research interests are development of Biomedical Image analysis on CMRI, Biosignal processing techniques on ECG & EEG and Biomedical instruments.

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Research Experience :

NF-RCNN: Heart localization and right ventricle wall motion abnormality detection in cardiac MRI, Kermani, S., Ghelich Oghli, M., Mohammadzadeh, A., Kafieh, R.     2020 Automatic detection of acute lymphoblastic leukaemia based on extending the multifractal features, M Abbasi,S Kermani, A Talebi, MM Amin,MM. Abbasi IET Image Processing     2020 Design and implementation of optical stimulus system for rehabilitation and development of visual functions in children with low vision S Kermani, E Moazeni, F Tavakoli, A Kermani Optik 198, 163210   2019 Extraction Of Left Ventricular Wall Mechanical Indexes Using Four-Dimensional Image Analysis Of Mri, Based On A Nonlinear Hyperelastic Model H Yousefi-Banaem, S Kermani, H Sanei, A Daneshmehr Iranian Congress of Radiology 34 (4), 100-100     2019   A hybrid graph-based approach for right ventricle segmentation in cardiac MRI by long axis information transition MG Oghli, A Mohammadzadeh, R Kafieh, S Kermani Physica Medica 54, 103-116   2018 Introduction of low to high frequencies bispectrum rate feature for deep sleep detection from awakening by electroencephalogram E Mohammadi, S Kermani, B Amra Tehran University Medical Journal TUMS Publications 76 (5), 326-330   2018 The design and validation of a hybrid digital-signal-processing plug-in for traditional cochlear implant speech processors F Hajiaghababa, HR Marateb, S Kermani Computer methods and programs in biomedicine 159, 103-109   2018 Designing an Inverter-based Operational Transconductance Amplifier-capacitor Filter with Low Power Consumption for Biomedical Applications S Yousefinezhad, S Kermani, S Hosseinnia Journal of medical signals and sensors 8 (1), 53   2018 A novel feature ranking method for prediction of cancer stages using proteomics data E Saghapour, S Kermani, M Sehhati PloS one 12 (9), e0184203   2017 Controversial cytogenetic observations in mammalian somatic cells exposed to extremely low frequency electromagnetic radiation: A review and future research recommendations. D Shahbazi-Gahrouei, S Sadat Setayandeh, F Aminolroayaei, ... Journal of Medical Sciences 18 (3), 143-148   2017 A novel and more efficient approach for automatic diagnosis of acute lymphoblastic leukemic cells based on combining geometrical and statistical features of blood cells MR Abbasi, S Kermani, A Talebi Journal of Isfahan Medical School 35 (433), 643-647   2017 Automatic separation of awakening from sleep epochs based on bispectrum analysis of electroencephalogram signals E MOHAMMADI, S KERMANI, B AMRA JOURNAL OF ISFAHAN MEDICAL SCHOOL (IUMS) 35 (4480033), 1271-1275   2017 Proposing an approach for diagnosis of mild cognitive impairment based on approximate entropy BT SHABANIAN, S KERMANI, M BAREKATAIN, M KASHEFPOOR JOURNAL OF ISFAHAN MEDICAL SCHOOL (IUMS) 34 (407), 1356-1361   2017 Prediction of myocardial infarction by assessing regional cardiac wall in CMR images through active mesh modeling HS H Yousefi-Banaem, S Kermani, S Asiaei Computers in Biology and Medicine 80, 56-64   2017 Detecting Infarct Region in Cardiac Magnetic Resonance Images Through Weighted Normalized Mutual Information H Yousefi-Banaem, S Kermani, H Sanei, A Daneshmehr Iranian Journal of Radiology 14 (3)   2017

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