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sima Babaei , PhD

Associate Professor

  • Phone: 03137927543
  • Email:
  • Date of birth : 00
  • CV: CV babaei1.pdf (97.29 KB)

School :

School of Nursing and Midwifery

Department :

Department of Adult Health Nursing

Research Center :

Nursing and Midwifery Care Research Center, Faculty of Nursing and Midwifery, Isfahan University of Medical Sciences, Isfahan, Iran

work address :

Nursing and Midwifery Care Research Center, Faculty of Nursing and Midwifery, Isfahan University of Medical Sciences, Isfahan, Iran

Education :

Isfahan University of Medical Sciences Ph.D. 02/2012 9/2016 Nursing Isfahan University of Medical Sciences M.Sc. 9/1991 11/1994 Medical-Surgical Nursing

Relevant Work Experience :

My research is focused on ‘Cardiovascular Nursing’. I am working on  education and management to promote health and quality of life among acute coronary syndrome, congestive heart failure, CABG, open heart surgery and ………patients . I'm Member of the Nursing& Midwifery care research center, Isfahan Medical Sciences, IRAN. I'm a member of the editorial board & reviewer board Iranian Journal of Nursing and Midwifery.

Professional Memberships & Qualification :

2007                            Thanksgiving, Motahari Festival 2008                Thanksgiving, Motahari Festival 2010                 Thanksgiving, Motahari Festival 2006                  Thanksgiving, translation of the Medical-Surgical book 2006                  Thanksgiving, editing of the Medical-Surgical book 2014                  Top Student Ranking Ph.D

Extra Curricular Activities/ Interest(personal url) :

Grants & Awards :

Patents :

Presentations & Poster Sessions :

http://CV babaei.pdf

Research Experience :

Akhlaghi E , Babaei S ,Abolhassani Sh.(2020). Modifying Stressors Using Betty Neuman System Modeling in Coronary Artery Bypass Graft: a Randomized Clinical Trial. Journal of Caring Sciences 2020; 9 (1): 13-19. doi:10.34172/jcs.2020.003. Babaei S, Haratian M. (2020). Compassion Satisfaction and Fatigue in Cardiovascular Nurses: A Cross‑sectional Descriptive Study. Iran J Nurs Midwifery Res; 25(3):181‑263 Torknejad, A, Babaei, S, Mirmohammadsadeghi, M. Impact of educational intervention based on BASNEF model on treatment adherence after coronary artery bypass surgery: a Randomized Clinical Trial.(2020). ARYA Atherosclerosis Journal. ; 16 (2): 20-27. Babaei S ,Abolhassani Sh.(2020). Family’s Supportive Behaviors in the Care of the Patient Admitted to the Cardiac Care Unit: A Qualitative Study. Journal of Caring Sciences; 9(2): 80-86. doi: 10.34172/jcs.2020.012. Sh, Rashidi 1, D, Shafie 2, M, Mazaheri 3, S, Babaei. Effect of Matricaria Recutita Drop on Sleep Quality in Patients with Chronic Heart Disease: A Randomized Controlled Trial. Arch Pharma Pract 2020;11(S1):162-7. Babaei S, Taleghani F.(2019). Compassionate care challenges and barriers in clinical nurses: A qualitative study. Iran J Nurs Midwifery Res; 24(3):159‑242. Baradaranfard F, Babaei S, Boroumand S, Mosleh S, Jafari F and Binaee N. (2018) The Relationship Between Quality of Life and Cardiovascular Self-Efficacy in Patients with Heart Failure: A Descriptive Correlation Study. Jundishapur J Chronic Dis Care. 2018; 7(4):1-6. doi: 10.5812/jjcdc.68431 Babaei, S., Taleghani, F., & Kayvanara, M. (2017). Contextual Facilitators and Maintaining of   Compassion-Based Care: An Ethnographic Study. Iranian Journal of Nursing and Midwifery Research. 22( 2 ); 91-96 Babaei, S., Taleghani, F., & Kayvanara, M. (2016). Compassionate behaviors of clinical nurses in Iran: an ethnographic study. International Nursing Review 63:388-394. 388-394 Babaee. S, Shafiei Z.(2016)  Relationship between attitude and compliance in patients with heart failure. 8. 26-27. Babaei, S, Khodabandeh-Shahraki, S.(2012) Life with hypertension: A phenomenological study. ARYA Atherosclerosis Journal; Volume 8, Special Issue in National Hypertension Treatment. PP:1-3.

Research Interests :

Teaching Experience :

Teaching Interests :